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“Some people are going to test positive. And these people are going to get immediate support. After two weeks, these professionals will come back to work — and they will finish the entire school year,” de Blasio said. The same will be true for students. Let us not forget that for the very small percentage of people who test for coronavirus, this is a very temporary reality. Updated paraprofessional agreement: This recent DEE guideline provides a detailed explanation of the roles and responsibilities of paraprofesses during this particular period of dazzling and remote-controlled learning. “The standard has been proposed to really connect with the entire school community, to tell parents and students that we will act with a plethora of caution, to really protect our school communities, so that people can come back with confidence,” de Blasio said. “… We have set a standard to tell everyone that we have your back, that we will do it in a very strict way. We have to stick to that standard. It`s flu season, but COVID-19 is still here, so we need to be vigilant on all fronts to protect our health. I am proud to announce today, in partnership with @NYCHealthy, that we are beginning our #FightFluNYC campaign. Take your shot today! See you t.co/j9tMcqSnF7. pic.twitter.com/DGOnKQA0ot on Thursday evening, the DOE sent a letter to the contractors, with instructions to prepare before another possible shutdown. “We still have supply problems. Serious problems arise when we receive a reported case, when they report it; two to three days of back-and-forth,” said the union president. This is unacceptable; we don`t go back to March. No, these tests are not part of the random testing program.

If you are selected to be part of your school`s random sample, you must take the test at the school. The only exception is for students with documented disabilities, who also have an approved test exemption and who must be tested outside of school. The test used is the “short smear”, which is less intrusive, which only gets into the nose. Among the protests planned for Monday were teachers from Sunset Park and the Flatbush section of Brooklyn who said they were working outside because they feared they would not be protected from COVID-19s in schools. Teachers also fought with parents in the morning outside murry bergtraum High School in Manhattan. To ensure the health and safety of all students, staff and family, we encourage everyone who comes to our school buildings to be tested on COVID-19. It is safe, free and easy for everyone, regardless of immigration or insurance status, and your test results are confidential. To find a trial page near you, visit nyc.gov/covidtest. Resource sheet to help families with students in temporary housing. English nysteachs.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/NEWS_TEACHS_STHBacktoSchoolResources_ENGLISH_092220.pdf Spanish nysteachs.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/NEWS_TEACHS_STHBacktoSchoolResources_SPANISH_092220.pdf All companies that use the DOE to perform random school tests – Fulgent, BioReference Laboratories and Somos Healthcare – have promised that all protected information or samples collected will be used exclusively for COVID 19 tests.