Southern Railway Contract Agreement

Southern Road – madurai division: by the bridge wood renovation of 1179 Nos., in the mandapam sections. Signalling systems related to the improvement of the reliability of 9 intermediate block sections (ibs) in the thiruvananthapuram division of the multi-party digital axis counter (msdac), including the replacement of signalling cables in the pelvic bridge jn (bbq) – sullurpeta (spe) auto section of the Chennai division in the south runway. divn: sse/pw/n/sa sec: twr – 6km 315/700-321/700 dn line jtj-sa sec. the renewal of welds over a length of 13.32 km (jtj-ed on the secondary line between km 321.70 to 326 and sa-krr sl line from 0.78 to 3.3 and from 54 to 60.50). divn: twr 1.3 km km 353/000-354/300 up line dc yard in sse/pw/s/sa sec. 1. arakkonam – jolarpettai -ctr (p) -4.86km with 60kg/psc/1660 nos/km between km.216,000-km.218,000 on the line; km.197,000 – km.198,000 – km.211,000 – 212,860 on the mountain. 2. arakkonam-jolarpettai Section – trr (p) -13,785 km with 60kg rails on large bridge accesses for br.nos.475,486,509, 512,514,522,522,532,535,540 -541 on line. 3. prws – arakkonam Section: trr (p) – 0.7 km with 60 kg of rails between km.67/700 – 68/400 on dn 1.

chennai egmore -villupuram Section: – ctr (s) – 1,555 km with class ii 60 kg of rails/storage plates by mine pipes in the gsn coaching yard. Cleaning, watering and watering eighteen trains and irrigation of six trains nominated for a two-year renewal of the wood threshold with steel channel threshold (18 bridges) in sse/p.way/dry onr of nilgiri berg rly – 1311 nos. Get full information on India`s latest Southern Railway tenders under Tender247. Browse the best deals available from Indian government offers, Indian national tenders, private tenders, online tenders, tenders, tenders, tenders, online tenders and tenders. Providing an electronic switching station with hot watch at kanniyakumari, ernaniel, rodentcoil town, rodentcoil junction b cabin and ibs between rodentscoil town and eraniel stations in conjunction with the doubling of the lanes between central thiruvananthapuram – kanniyakumari section providing inside and outside signalling and telecommunications arrangements at kochuve in conjunction with the proposed extension of the facilities. Limited-use subway construction instead of the existing crossing No.:494 to km 608/000-100 between sattirrakudi and ramanathapuram Station, lc-Nr.: 515 to km 633/100-200 between ramanathapuram and research stations in manamaama 66 to km 73/200-300 between ambasamudram and kilakadayam stations at tirunelveli-tenkasi section (balance of works) empty pink book article No. 231 of 2019-20 as part of the elimination of crossings in madurai Division. . sr.den/north jurisdiction – a) bp 20-21, law 20-21 – law 19-20 – trr (p) for a length of 23,554 km (b) Law 18-19 – tsr (p) 0.350 km in cki p.way section. thanjavur-karaikkal section – By training processing by providing lap angles from 43,000 to 47,400 km between koradacheri and kulikarai stations for a length of 4.40 km in Senior Section Engineer/p.way/a-thiruvarur section. . Improved reliability with dual detection with multi-part digital axle counter for 3ibs in mas division trivandrum division – sr.den/north teil – Delivery of the welding part 52 kg and 60 kg, Welding Equipment and Monitoring: 1 Bend Tube 3 Nos 2 Brass Nozzles 3 Nos 3 Tiegel Tragering 3 Pair 4 TiegelB 3 Our 5 Digging Rings 3 Our 6 Crucing Supports 3 Nos 7 Compact Crucible 4 Nos 8 3 not 9 Ship 3 Our 10 flat chisel 1 our 11 fission lane 2 nos 12 hot sets 8 nos 13 13 Meter jet 6 our 14 Manometer with pressure 2 our Tank completes 15 Rail Plain Bodles 4 nos….

Mas-gdr Section: Delivery of 60 kg of welding portions, including monitoring for trr (p) – ttr works in the jurisdiction/ost/mas.