Presbyterian And Methodist Schools Association Enterprise Agreement 2017

The PMSA – Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association – has four outstanding schools in Queensland: Brisbane Boys` College, Clayfield College, Somerville House and Sunshine Coast Grammar School. PMSA and PMSA schools have made an important contribution to Christian education in Queensland. The reason the original joint venture, founded in 1918, was successful is mainly because of the commitment of the men and women who have been so loyal and good to their cause for so many years. This commitment continues and gives confidence to the continued success of the work of the PMSA. In 2018, PMSA celebrated 100 years of youth training and leadership with values for life. In a new era of education, PMSA continues to work hard to grow and change for the future of all schools. The Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) is an independent non-profit organization of the Uniting Church in Australia and the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. The pmSA`s mission is to provide our students and staff with schools that build on the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ, excellent teaching and learning environments. PMSA owns and operates four independent schools: Brisbane Boys` College, Somerville House, Clayfield College and Sunshine Coast Grammar School. All schools owned and managed are located in Queensland. “The salaries of employees, which account for about 70% of the cost of schooling – and are higher than the consumer price index according to the school`s collective agreements – are an important factor in the level of tuition fees.

Some private schools charge additional fees for parents in the form of taxes on technology, sport and music or mandatory contributions to school construction funds. To compare tuition fees for all schools in Queensland and other states and territories, visit “Some education costs should not be seen as additional costs, but as part of a holistic learning experience, as schools now call “learning beyond the classroom,” such as excursions, camps, extracurricular activities, technology programs.┬áThe continued increase in enrolment in the independent sector confirms that parents value the formation of independent schools.┬áMany independent schools offer scholarships or scholarships, fraternal discounts and all-inclusive fee packages to ensure that as many Queensland families as possible have independent training. In 2017, the elite girls` school made a surplus of $2.1 million and paid principal Jacinda Euler a salary package of 476,483 $US. This article was originally published in the Courier Mail – Brisbane private schools increase tuition fees up to three times the inflation rate One hundred years later, the PMSA group plays a crucial role in defining the direction of our four schools to provide extraordinary Christian educational environments, and that is the link between schools and the two churches. Despite the name of the PMSA, in 1977, the merger of about two-thirds of the Presbyterian Church, the entire Australasia Methodist Church and almost all the churches of the Congressional Union of Australia formed the Church of Australia. All PMSA schools are inspired by Christian ecumenical values – relationships, concern, ethics, personal development, excellence and celebration. “Queensland`s independent governing bodies are responsible for setting tuition fees per year, with fees varying from school to school, depending on a number of factors such as curriculum, teacher and non-teacher size, student needs and future plans,” Robertson said.